Episode 181 – “Embrace The Elephant!

July 30, 2015

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The Newbie Writers’ Podcast

Our guest is writer Lori Beninger

Website:  http://www.ontrackpublishing.com/

Her book is Embracing the Elephant

“…historically evocative…” – Publishers Weekly

“…a journey worth taking…” – ForeWord Reviews

“Beninger’s skillful use of language pulls you into the story and makes the scenes come alive” – The Historical Novel Society

Embracing the Elephant is a powerful novel about one child coming of age at precisely the moment a nation enters its own new age – at the California Gold Rush. It is a tale of fierce determination, resilience, discovery, and hope.

Embracing the Elephant is a powerful story about one child coming of age at precisely the moment a nation enters its own new age. It is a tale of fierce determination,Read More

If We Can’t # is it Worth Saying?

July 29, 2015

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Expressing your thoughts in original language is quite challenging.  Consider what you say and how much of what you say consists of references and descriptions not your own.  We often express ourselves through not only cliches but through catch phrases brought to us courtesy of television, advertising, memes, films and internet short hand.#cop

Consider how we incorporate LOL, hashtags, smiley faces into our actual conversation.  “Gee Greg #youlookgreat.”

“Thanks Cindy, #hopetogetsometonight, you look lovely too.”

My mother is fond of quoting a saying she learned in Greece.  Is problem.

We have shared cultural references that not only make communication smoother, but also quickly establishes our cultural credentials.  A reference to past artists, shows, events, history can quicklyRead More

Character Assassination

July 22, 2015

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What do we love about books? What do we remember? Not what, who. 

Follow your CharacterWhy do we love Jane Austen? Because of the intricate plots? Not really.

The story? Please, we know the story.

We love the characters, the strong women who get into trouble because they blurt out what they are thinking, the handsome hero who is just misunderstood, the spunky friend from whom we wish as much happiness as we   wish for the heroine. We love a good character.

Listen to what you say when you play a movie for the fifth time, it’s not about the plot or the story — you just want to see the hero or heroine again.
“I love him.” You murmur under your breath.

Character is why there is star power in Hollywood. Do we watch Brad Pitt because he has a reputation for starring in great plot-driven films? No, weRead More

Episode 180 – “Dean Mayes To The ICU!”

July 21, 2015

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The Newbie Writers’ Podcast

Special guest: Dean Mayes


Emerging onto the literary stage in 2010, Adelaide based author Dean Mayes describes himself as somewhat of a late bloomer, having almost given up on the prospect of ever being published by the time he was in his mid 30’s. Dean had an idea for a story that he wanted to tell however and decided to blog the story rather than allow it to wither and die in his imagination.

Quite unexpectedly, the blog took off, quickly logging upwards of 3000 unique visits per month as a rapidly growing audience “tuned in” to Dean’s dream like tale of a young man who discovers he has taken on the memories and dreams of a complete stranger in the aftermath of a near fatal drug overdose.

Following a chance meeting withRead More

How to Start Filling up the First Pages of your Great American Novel

July 15, 2015

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Skulls- novelists Get EvenThere are countless books, (maybe even Don’t Write Like We Talk) devoted to how to write a novel.

Because apparently writing is neither automatic nor intuitive.

Allow me to give you the excellent books written by our guests who appeared on Newbie Writers Podcast:

  • The Writer’s Adventure Guide – Beth Barany
  • Shoot Your Novel  – CS Lakin
  • The 12 Key Pillars of Novel Construction –  CS Lakin
  • The Author Training Manual – Nina Amir
  • How to Blog a Book – Nina Amir
  • You’ve Got a Book in You! – Elizabeth Sims
  • Starting Your Book – Naomi Rose

At the very core, writing is a purely creative endeavor.  No one writes like you.  No one filters and manages the world as you do.  However, the skills and techniques that will bring your creativity from scribblings and thoughts in a notebook to aRead More