Blog Tour – A Mathematical State of Grace

May 27, 2015

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Book tour Mathematical State of Grace

Book tour Mathematical State of GraceThe title intrigued me, so I signed up to be part of the blog tour for A Mathematical State of Grace. Because of Future Girls, I am interested in the YA dystopic, everything is changed, now what do we do? themed books. And A Mathematical State of Grace does not disappoint.  Here is the official description.

The laws of the Universe are ordered and finite. Every mathematical equation has one perfect solution. Jocks lead the high school pack, and nerdy girls go unnoticed.

But what would happen if one day, everything changed?

In one fateful moment, sixteen-year old mathematical prodigy Grace Greenway and Vincente Marino, all-around high school athlete, are unexpectedly thrown together. From that moment on, Grace and Vincente are forced to navigate a strange and wonderful new world together,Read More

Promotion Procrastination

May 20, 2015

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Coaching Writers

Coaching WritersI wrestle with promotion every day – the platform, the meaning, the tweets.  To me, the promotion requirements are very much divorced from the real creative work of writing.  And I realized this year that it’s incorrect to think this way.

Think Christo.  Christo and Jean-Claude considered the entire process to realize their large scale works as art.  The planning board meetings, the environmental studies and fights, hiring the staff, getting the permissions, that whole piece was the art, and they labeled their dates of the work accordingly.

So with that in mind, all of the process, the promotion, the writing itself and the after promotion, is part of the art, part of the life of the creative work.  By integrating it, at least in our heads, the promotion can be made less dauntingRead More

Episode 172- The Intuitive Writing Project

May 17, 2015

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The Newbie Writers’ Podcast

Our guest is Elizabeth Perlman, founder of The Intuitive Writing Project.

The Intuitive Writer Project is designed for girls between 14 and 19. Through the transformative process of writing their stories and having their voices heard, we help young women to better access, trust, and rely upon their own intuitive wisdom. This cultivates self-knowledge, self-esteem, emotional intelligence, critical thinking skills, creative problem-solving skills, and a sense of personal leadership—the courage to plot their own course and make new things possible. By graduation, each girl emerges with not only an exceptional writing portfolio but also a greater awareness of who she is, what she stands for, and what she wants to create in life, both for herself and the world.

Read More

YA Writer? All You Need is Chapter One

May 13, 2015

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Ch1 Con banner on Newbie Writers GuideHey, guys! My name is Julia Byers and I’m the founder of the Chapter One Young Writers Conference, an annual writing conference for and by teens and young adults.

Our 2015 conference will take place Saturday, August 8th at the Courtyard Chicago Arlington Heights/South hotel in Arlington Heights, IL, a northern suburb of Chicago. Our speakers include Kat Zhang, author of the YA dystopian trilogy The Hybrid Chronicles (HarperCollins), renowned freelance editor Taryn Albright of The Girl with the Green Pen, and YA/NA author Ava Jae, whose debut Beyond the Red (Sky Pony Press) will come out in Spring 2016.

I’ve been writing for nearly my whole life, and writing seriously for at least half of it. So my “newbie writer” days technically took place back when I was, like, six. But I stillRead More

Episode 171 – “Don’t Write Like We Talk!”

May 8, 2015

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The Newbie Writers’ Podcast

Don’t Write Like We Talk

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Stuff we’ve learned over the last three rough draft years.

Mary Radu –Live Smart after 50

It is good to collaborate with a group on a book project – this can lift up the all the other authors. Make sure you include an author who already has a following and some clout.

From Nina Amir author of How to Blog your Book and The Author Training Manual

Many people think it’s easy to become an author. It’s true that today almost any writer can change his or her status from aspiring to published author. More ways exit to self-publish a book than ever before. And it’s still possible, albeit harder, to become an author by traditionally publishing a book.Read More