37 California Capital Book Festival

October 23, 2014

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37 California Capital Book Festival.

Just to get back to writing!  A book festival, a book event, anything where a bunch of starry-eyed readers exclaim over authors can be a great moral boost!

Is there a festival in your area?  Can you volunteer?  I’ve learned that being part of a festival or conference is more beneficial than just attending.  Something to consider and plan for in the coming year.

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75 things decorated with Van Gogh’s Sunflowers

October 8, 2014

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Things you can buy decorated with a copy of  Van Gogh Sun Flowers or Flowering Plum Tree (after Hiroshige) or with a Dutch Master image or two:

Plum trees by Van Gogh

  1. Snow globes
  2. Lens cleaning cloth
  3. candles
  4. Poppy seed package
  5. hand puppet
  6. Buttons
  7. pencils, pens
  8. bracelets
  9. earrings
  10. pins, charms
  11. necklaces
  12. umbrellas, totes
  13. purses, change purses, even smaller purses
  14. post it notes
  15. watches
  16. file folders
  17. gift wrap
  18. presentation folder
  19. silk scarves, wool scarves
  20. long and short sleeve tee shirts and tank tops
  21. posters
  22. postcards
  23. three D simulated actual paintings with realistic brush strokes and frame
  24. mirrors
  25. paper weights
  26. ceramic tiles
  27. jigsaw puzzles
  28. Rubrick’s cubes
  29. Playing cards
  30. greeting cards
  31. nail files
  32. book marks
  33. magnets
  34. thimbles
  35. napkins
  36. fans
  37. tea towels
  38. water tumblers
  39. tea pots, tea cups and saucers
  40. to go coffee mugs
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Episode 149 – ” Skiing Romance With Nia Simone”

October 8, 2014

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The Newbie Writers’ Podcast

Guest: Nia Simone


After two weeks off (one week thanks to a nut case in chicago) we are back. This week we have Nia Simone on the show to chat about being an author, blogger and someone who love skiing!

Some questions we asked:

  • What is your publishing experience?

  • How does your own writing tie together with editing John’s work?

  • Why do you write Romance?

  • What are you working on now?

  • What are some of the things you’ve learned in your first couple years of being published?

Somewhere Far from Iris is a drama about a depressed man who goes back to his hometown to sort himself out and has to confront an explosive situation that is related to the mystery of his heritage. http://amzn.to/1oKLtHG

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Bad Art

October 1, 2014

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I spend  Sunflowers, Van Gogh a lot of time in museums. And if you follow my husband on Facebook you know that he, in turn, spent quality time  outside the museums taking and posting photos of fountains.  It’s his new travel meme.  He got a lot of likes.

I love art and I love how good art symbolizes one thing that often means another.  Good art is  revolutionary, accidentally, like the Impressionists, or intentionally like Mao’s wife demanding that ballet be more “revolutionary” which resulted in truly unwatchable performances. 

Good art is  subversive and “bad”.  And often we don’t initially respond well to the avant guard. Sometimes it takes us, as the audience, a few years to appreciate the art.  The standard example is that no one really collected or appreciated Van Gogh’sRead More

Future Girls – Now

September 24, 2014

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December 1st  Future Girls will be released!  Want to get a jump on it?  Ask for the Advance Reading Copy – bramkamp@yahoo.com  and post a review on Amazon on the release date.  It will help more than you think!

Future Girls

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More Editorial Notes You can Use Now

September 17, 2014

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You’ve heard authors say phrases like – editorial hell, working through the edits, I’m arguing with my editor.  My editor knows nothing.  Don’t talk to me, I’m working on the edits for my book.

So have I.

So when the edits for Future Girls (Eternal Press) were finally, finally, finally returned, I figured I would spend at least two or three weeks in editorial hell with the manuscript.

But I didn’t.

And I credit sending the manuscript out to Beta Readers before submitting it to the publisher.  Listening to the suggestions made by the Beta Readers made a tremendous difference in the editorial process.

But nothing is ever perfect.

Future GirlsAccording to the editor, or in this case, the style guide she employs “No beginning sentences with “And,” “Or,” or “But” I’ve gone through andRead More

Episode 147 – “Social Media For Noobs”

September 14, 2014

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The Newbie Writers’ Podcast

Guest: Thubten Comerford


Twitter expert.

We’ve talked with Frances Caballo, twitter expert and author. I just connected with Thubten Comerford (through Twitter, aren’t you proud?) And he runs a company devoted to Twitter and maximizing their client’s platform.

So I wanted to get information the Newbie Writer can start using right away to build you platform and create fans even before the book is published.



We create social experiences that create engagement with your brand and converts customers. Developing social media profiles thoughtful content strategy and actively engaging current and potential customers. Developing Brand Personalities, Online Content, Social Media Strategic Marketing, customRead More

Tips from a real editor after reviewing a real manuscript.

September 10, 2014

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If I wasn’t convinced before that Beta Readers are the new black, then the notes from the editor of Eternal Press for Future Girls clinched the deal.

This is what my editor said after reviewing the manuscript for Future Girls:

“Congratulations on a wonderful novel!  In general the writing was excellent and I felt fortunate to work with a writer who knows her craft. I quite enjoyed editing it and I hope that you find my suggestions useful.

“There are suggestions which I make that you can ignore.

“There are things in which my hands are tied, and these are items are from the EP Style Guide.

“”Said” and “asked” are the best (dialogue) tags because they are invisible. He declared, she announced, etc. all draw attention to themselves. I’ve pointed out a few of them, and when not necessaryRead More

Episode 146 – “Writing For Love With Melissa Smith Baker”

September 3, 2014

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The Newbie Writers’ Podcast

Special Guest: Melissa Smith Baker, MA

Relationship Educator and Author


Melissa and Catharine met through our speaker’s Bureau and she has written Save your Relationship from Yourself.

You blog and offer classes and produce a newsletter. Tell us about your journey in creating your book.

What are the most common questions you get asked?

Tell us about your favorite relationship myth.

How did your business grow? What was the thought behind the book, web site and classes?

How are the classes at the SMI coming along? How did you get that partnership?

Word of the week:

From Arlene Miller and author of the new The Best Grammar Workbook Ever

This is from Arlene’s Miller’s Weird and Wonderful Words Series found on her blogRead More

10 Things Every Serious Writer Has…

September 3, 2014

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10 Things Every Serious Writer Has… | Writing in a Dead World.

Writing in a Dead World  posted a most excellent list for writers.  I’m a fan of owning too many pens and too many notebooks none of which I can seem to locate when I have a really great idea.

And if you are a serious writer, here is a tip if you are prone to  scribbling in the car, in traffic, on a note pad, because there isn’t a RULE against actual WRITING in the car, just texting.  Anyway, if you are trying to scrawl down that great idea for your NaNoWriMo novel, use a big, legal sized note pad.  That way you can write all over it, and something will be captured. Plus it may prevent you from writing on your slacks.

10 Things Every Serious Writer Has… | Writing in a Dead World

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