Worst Month Ever

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Hi everyone.  You might have wondered where I’ve been as I haven’t posted in like three weeks!   You perhaps thought I’d got bored with blogging – no.  Or that I  couldn’t think of anything to say -no.  Or that I was snowed under with work or still suffering from writer’s block – no and no.  The boring truth is that I have been ill, a lot, this month.  First I got a kidney infection that took two week’s to shift.  Very painful and not exactly conducive to creative writing or any sort of writing.  But as I had a deadline to meet for my chapter submissions, when I was up to work, I worked on that.  As much as   I enjoy rambling on about things with you all,  you all know the mantra:  “Never Miss a Deadline!”  So, of course, that came first,  followed by my regular editorial work at Writing-World.  

Then, just as I get over the kidney infection (two week’s of antibiotics!) I burst my right eardrum.  I’ve had my right eardrum burst four times on me now; sometimes it just happens in my sleep.  All it means is yet more anti-biotics to prevent infection and my hearing gets just a little bit worse.

A few days later my ear is fine – I actually feel normal and healthy for five days  then wham!  I get the worse cold I’ve had in a decade. Can’t breathe , popped both my ears blowing my nose,  feel lousy.  I SOOOO, don’t feel like doing anything other than curling up under a blanket with  a nice hot drink! I have never been so ill in all my life!    Hopefully this will be the last of my ill health for a while and business can return to normal. 

Speaking of business, the December newsletter will be out on the 7th and I’ll hopefully see you in the forums before then.  Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to sleep.

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