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Hey everyone,

Dawn has some high quality posts and me not being a writer probably shouldnt post up on here! However being the nerd I am, I was never ever happy with the Writer’s Quill theme I chose for our blog. It became one of those things whereby we decided on a blog, I got it running and searched for “writing themes.” Only one available I installed it and put a “must get to that” note in my head.

So months later I happened to be at the WordPress site for some tech help (which is useless I might add) and thought “may as well check out the themes” to which I found this one. I edited the header (which I’m not keen on, might design a distinct blog header) and tweaked it a bit. What do you think? I seriously need your opinions on this as im a perfectionist.

I too am sick with the ‘dreaded lurgy’ or bronchitis and sinusitis (but you didnt REALLY need to know that), why do I decide to tweak our blog when I should be in bed? Who knows!? I know now I’ll be awake most of the night thinking “hmm need to fix that header.. not happy with it.”

I welcome your opinions. Also spammers (and yes you do exist I’ve deleted ten so far from our database) go ahead and post, it’ll be deleted and karma will get you in the form of a bus hurtling towards you next time you cross the street. Get a real job!


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