Writing Goals 2010 – simplicity is best

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Last year, after quite a lot of soul searching, I made the decision to pursue a freelance writing career.  I was happy now have a career path to pursue.  Enthusiastic and ready to begin my journey, I sat down at my lap-top computer and pounded out a two page business plan and goals for the year.

As the year started, I was a little nervous but ambitious. I sent out my first set of article queries and hoped to hear something form someone. I heard about a few online writing groups that would publish my work. Miss-guided I signed up for them. Was I published online? Yes. Have I seen any monetary pay outs for them? No and I doubt I will for these.

Is it discouraging? Of course it is. Will I give up? Of course not! A side from my family, writing is my pride and joy.  Rejection of any kind is discouraging but as writers we can’t give up.Persist with your writing and it will pay off.

As this year draws to a close, I have been re-evaluating the goals and objectives I have set. I now realise that I bit off more than I could chew. I had written goals that suited a full time writer. Too ambitious for a beginner such as I? Yes.

This year, I narrowed my goals down to what I could accomplish. I limited myself to three attainable goals instead of the seven I had last year.

I admit I was a bit too ambition for a Newbie, especially this stay at home mom of two boys under 5 years old. When it comes time for you to set out your writing goals, always remember the KIS method.. KEEP IT SIMPLE.

Wishing you all the greetings of the Season, most especially Merry Christmas.


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