On Becoming a Writer

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Okay, so now I have a computer and loads of free time to use it. So there is literally nothing to stop me from becoming what I have dreamed of my entire life and that is to be a writer! A well-paid, published writer is what I desire to be. Simple right? Wrong!

The more I do research on line the more I am aware of two things. Number one, becoming a paid writer is not as hard as one would think, that is what all the on line authors would have you believe anyway, and Number two, all it takes apparently, is a good idea.

Well hey, that’s just swell! All I need then is an idea for a new book, article or essay. Easy right? Maybe, but in the Idea department I think I must have been standing ‘behind” the door when the good Lord passed out the creativity genes. Try as I might I cannot imagine any topic that might be sufficiently interesting in and of itself to make a person want to know more. Happily there are articles about how to come up with new ideas.

Here is where the Internet and all of the writers therein, come into play. I am so amazed at the wealth of information available on the net to anyone willing to dig it out. The digging isn’t very hard to do either! It blows my little southern mind, to think of all the people out there in the world of writing, that are giving all of this invaluable information away for free!

There are so many sites dedicated to the writer and while many are really interesting my favorite is still NewbieWriters.com. I especially like the section on “learning the craft” it has so many great “how to’s” and I spend quite a bit of time just reading.

I am actually spending more of my time reading about writing these days than I am actually writing! This I will change soon though.

I have decided that I will only do housework on designated days of the week and the rest of my time will be spent in making my dreams come true, thanks to the many authors in cyber space who are willing to share their knowledge so freely. I am confident that I will be able to learn from the volumes written on the net so freely. So part of my new goals for 2010 will be to take advantage of all the free writing guides out there and learn as much as possible about the craft I so love. I hope that you are having an inspired New Year too and that you will make the time to write this year ….no matter what! What is it that Dawn says? Just write something!

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  • Cassandra
    Posted on December 15, 2011 at 7:39 am

    Your’s is the intelligent apparoch to this issue.

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