Learning the craft can hurt sometimes….

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I woke up this morning and the first thing I saw was CC had accepted an article on the public request topic I had chosen to write for. I was so disappointed! I worked so hard on that darn article. Not only did I write it once but I also wrote it a second time after the article was “rejected”.

I don’t know what else to call it but rejection, yes it is a learning opportunity but right now as I look at the other writers article it doesn’t feel like an opportunity for anything. I am sitting here stinging. I did not realize that the word count and title are only suggestive and I took them literally. So I wrote 1,450 words on a subject that I know pretty well but even so 1,450 words about anything can be hard to write. The article that was accepted was about 900 or so words and the title was not the title the customer had suggested. I learned from this experience but I am not sure that I want to keep on trying to write for CC.

Which brings me to the reason I wrote this blog to begin with. I like to write and my friends have enjoyed my little “notes” on face book, where I just comment on the human condition and sometimes share short stories. I do not write articles as a rule and now I am wondering just why I ever thought I could do it in the first place.

I am very discouraged this morning and maybe I expect too much too soon. If this blog is a bummer, I am sorry. I just thought sharing the good and the bad about what I learn along the way is a true reflection of the life and times of a Newbie Writer.

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  • rinea dourado
    Posted on April 8, 2011 at 8:36 pm

    keep at it! thank you for sharing your experiences..I am sure all newbie writers go through such phases. The ones who become established are those who surpass such low points. all the best. I am not registered on this site but felt a comment might be uplifting…

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