Enough Sour Pickles For Now

By yashuasgirl Uncategorized Comments Off on Enough Sour Pickles For Now

Okay I have had enough time to moan and groan and just complain in general. Yeah my article for CC was not taken ..this time and for good reason! I don’t know how to write! I didn’t say I couldn’t write. I write things that make my friends and family say “you really ought to be a writer” all the time. No, when I say I don’t know “how” to write I mean I have either forgotten or never known the rules governing sentence structure. So after having had one article accepted by CC after having it rejected and resubmitting it and the other article rejected now twice….well that just tells me I need to do three things. Number 1. I need to sign up for Haleys’ course, #2. I need to keep working on that darn article until it does get accepted and #3. I just need to keep learning and writing and eventually, maybe, I will be old hat at CC one day. I think it’s all just a part of that old thing called “paying your dues”. All In the course of being a Newbie writer.

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