Don’t Give Up – Just Keep Writing

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Life has been rather busy around our house lately, we had the colossal task of giving our kitchen a much needed update. We had 10 days in which to complete and I am happy to say that the major work has been completed. We are left with the back-splash and some finishing touches to complete.

During the renovation process, I discovered that I really enjoy home renovating. This brings me to the topic of this blog post, finding inspiration for your writing.

I am taking the Comprehensive Writing Course with the Writer’s bureau and have been making a slow go of it for about six months. To date I have completed the first two assignments and have been procrastinating at writing the third. Whether it was out of fear or insecurity I kept putting off writing it.  All I kept thinking was what if I didn’t take the right slant on the article? What if I never get published? This thought started to really bring me down. I realised that I need to write about topics that I enjoy or interest me.

Finally I said to myself “Okay, Allison, enough of this you want to be a writer so be one!” I realised that I was doing anything and everything to avoid doing the one thing that I have always wanted to do. Why? Because I was afraid of rejection. 

Overcoming these negative thoughts can prove difficult at times, but the most important thing is “Don’t Give Up” and remember You can Do it, just keep writing.

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Happy Writing Adventures


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