Slows, Woes, and websites.

By Damien The eZone Comments Off on Slows, Woes, and websites.

Hey everyone,

I don’t usually post on the blog but I feel I need to keep people in the loop. Hopefully if you have registered the RSS feed of this blog you’ll receive it in your email. This is why I have used the blog and not the forums. You will have noticed Newbie Writers being offline or extremely slow. Some may remember this happened earlier on in the year.

I am not happy to say the least.  This is what has happened. We host Newbie Writers with a webhosting company called ServerGrade. They had been excellent up until just prior to Easter. I sent them a couple of emails in regards to the downtime of our site etc. Normally I would receive an automated response then an actual response from one of their staff in a matter of hours. I got nothing. The situation got worse. The site was slow, Dawn nor I could receive emails. I noticed certain administrator applications ceased work and gave me frozen stats dating back to February.

I tried calling them. Always an answering machine. Getting  jack of this, I googled “ServerGrade issues” and blow me down, there are forum posts after forum posts about this exact issue and how the staff of this company seem to have disappeared. Here’s the real clunker. I have emails to ServerGrade requesting what is called a Domain Registration Key (or derivatives there of). This is a code that says I am the owner/purchaser of I have emails saying I will be sent the key.  Key never arrived.

But even worse, this company, rather than registering Newbie Writers in MY name, they decided to register it in THEIR name. This means that if I try to get the key through the various authorities (and gawd I’m trying), I have replies with “your name isnt associated with this domain as you arent on the registration list, you need to contact servergrade” and THAT’S THE PROBLEM.

I can move all our files to a new webhost in little under an hour. Its the access to the Domain thats the issue. Now our account runs out in June. I have cancelled the account to ensure that another payment for the next year isnt made. My fear is that they wont de-register because the people at servergrade dont seem to exist anymore. I’m fighting this tooth and nail at the moment.  I have Business and Consumer Affairs helping myself and the 100’s of other customers who have spoken out against this rogue company.

I thank you all for your patience. This is having a huge impact on Newbies google ranking, our reputation, our new member sign ups.. the works.  At  the moment I’m basically screwed until someone, somewhere thinks outside the rules and says “we can access that key for you, you have proof you paid for it” I’m hoping more of the people on the forums with complaints (im on them now too) get a move on and push the higher authorities to make this hosting company accountable for their devious actions. They have let their customers down and not delivered on even the basic contract we signed and paid for.

Sorry for the long winded post but rather than emailing those who ask me if “there’s something wrong with the site” I figured I’d post up on here. So bare with us during this tough and annoying time.


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