What I Learn Along The Way 5/10

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I saw the notice that if the people who volunteered to blog don’t want to anymore……
I have been remiss, I’m sorry Damien. It’s just that I must have had spring fever or something lately. At least it started with a fever and for a little over a week I was puky sick and not even thinking of writing a word. Then, as I began to get better, a million hoer things began to get in the way of my writing. So I guess it’s the best motivator I could have had, when you wrote hey…um if you’re no longer interested in writing a blog, you can be replaced….He didn’t actually say it that way but that is what he meant, and thats okay….I’m blogging Damien … see? {:o)

So what have I learned lately? Well lets see, I have learned that what one site will not take another will. That’s as good as any reason right there to just keep on trying right? If you try enough places and different venues to get your writing noticed, you are sure to have some modecome of success just by sheer persistence. I my self have 1 article with CC and 2 others with AC accepted, and I haven’t even really begun to work on my writing courses yet.

That leads me to another thought, I haven’t written lately either, because I am so busy trying to adjust to my new volunteer position emotionally..I am a Guardian ad Litem. An advocate for battered abused and neglected children. Lately, I have been just a little down because of having to place four children out side their home. Did I write abut it? No.

I am a weird one I think…most writers seem to write at their best when they are down or sad. Not me..I find it difficult to write when I feel blue. So Damiens request that I live up to my blogging responsibilities have helped me climb out of my “I feel blue rut” and I think there will be more writing coming up…..I still have so much too learn..

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  • Damien
    Posted on May 6, 2010 at 9:00 am

    I think everyone is sick atm. I’ve had the flu, followed by one good week, now im into my second week of severe gastro (ill spare details but had to call an emergency doctor at one point and near had a stint in hospital).

    Hopefully you are feeling better and out of your rut. I hope to get there soon 🙁


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