Why be nice to Your Own Future Self?

By CBramkamp Writing Encouragement Comments Off on Why be nice to Your Own Future Self?

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The Book I'm Glad I Wrote

Be nice to your future self.  Sometimes I surprise myself, I find sorted, organized scissors and tape waiting for me so I can wrap a last minute gift, at the last minute. And I thank myself for making that effort sometime in the distant past to make my life better right now.

In the same spirit, I replace everything back where I found it, so I can find it easily again.

This is a simplistic example, but what are you doing right now that will benefit your future self?  Are you giving up some pleasure now for something later?  Will you be grateful for the past effort?  Conversely are we paying today for consequences we traded on in the past?  Did we think tomorrow would not catch up with us and indeed, today it has

College degrees are a good example of paying it forward to ourselves.   Even though I had no idea why, in 2001 I thought I may need an MA for the next part of my life.  And I was right. I am still very grateful to my former self for doing all that work and graduating.

Have we, in society forgotten to be nice to our future selves?  Are we so living in the now that we don’t care about any part of the future at all?  You don’t have to live only for the future of course, but you may want to put the scissors back where you can find them again.  

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