I had two grandmothers.

One grandmother always wore high heel shoes, even to vacuum which she only  did in the late 80s after the maid was let go.   This grandmother never hiked, never walked around for fun, never worked in the yard. Her foot wear consisted solely of high heels; T-straps, ankle straps, pumps.  And never white shoes after Labor Day.  She wore high heels for the  ride to  dinner in a wheelchair.
My other grandmother wore  those smooth leather, taupe colored  easy spirit kinds of shoes that were  comfortable and  completely practical because taupe goes with every polyester pantsuit a person can find at K-Mart.  This grandmother traveled and only wore shoes that would match everything, taupe and black in the winter and in the summer, heavy, flat soled sandals.
Last week I found out I am going to be a grandmother.  In response, I purchased  three pairs of summer shoes from Land’s End.  I ordered one  pair of sandals in orange polka dot, one pair of comfy sandals in green and one pair of slides in formal navy. Each of the styles were offered in taupe, which is a  a very practical color and would go with every outfit.  The web site also offered pumps, very versatile, a person could vacuum in those.  But  I cannot buy taupe shoes, I could never buy taupe shoes. It  wasn’t until just now that I realized why.
What does your footwear say about you? About anyone?  If the eyes are the window to the soul, shoes are the manifestation  of a life  precariously, practically, or well  lived.

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  • What’s on your feet? « Write on Deck
    Posted on March 28, 2011 at 6:56 pm

    […] Bramkamp from Your Book Starts Here wrote a few weeks ago about Grandma Shoes. She says, What does your footwear say about you? About anyone?  If the eyes are the window […]

  • catharinebramkamp
    Posted on July 8, 2011 at 4:05 pm

    Sorry, it takes so long for me to reply to people – love your take on the shoes idea, and I liked your blog!


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