Taking a Left

By CBramkamp Writing Encouragement Comments Off on Taking a Left

I spoke at the BAIPA (Bay Area Independent Publishers Association)  conference last Saturday  in Oakland and was completely surprised by the beautiful  venue.  I parked for free in down town Oakland. Free parking is always a good start to the day.  I walked across the street, heeding my Google Map instructions and found myself at the entrance of an  exquisite park of preserved  homes and flowering tree lined sidewalks. Ahead of me was a burbling fountain, behind me was the towering roofs of the Federal building a mere two blocks away.  The sun appeared for a limited engagement that afternoon and promised spring.

For three years I walked to my classes for University of Phoenix  on Clay street.  For three years I parked (not for free) and turned  right, through the  Federal building, across the street and up to my class.  Had I just turned left,  down another block, I would have experienced this beautiful garden setting three years sooner.

Preservation Park looks like the stage for the Music Man. A gazebo stands at the end of the cul-de-sac, surrounded by a petite green park.  Yes, perfect for a wedding.    I was   tempted to create an event just so I could stage it in this excellent spot.

This discovery was a great lesson for me.  What have I been missing by not turning to the left and taking a quick look?    As it stands, I am happy about  my discovery.  This was an  unexpected pleasure.

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