The Internet is like a two-year-old

By CBramkamp Writing Encouragement Comments Off on The Internet is like a two-year-old

The Internet is a lurching two-year-old.  The moment you are certain you can anticipate their play pattern, the second you teeter of the verge of complete toilet training, the minute you relish the coherent conversation debating the benefits of bananas over Samoa cookies, one pause, one tantrum, one nap and the slate is wiped clean.  The child lurches left instead of right and takes down a flower vase scattering water over the just cleaned carpet, they eschew the banana after all and beg  for chocolate milk. They pee in the sandbox.
Just when I think I have a schedule to attack the internet and “manage” the process, it lurches to the right, takes down a flower vase, pees in the sandbox  and I’m left wondering what the hell just happened.
l’m left considering that the best management plan for social networking and internet sales is built on good intentions, perpetual cleaning  and praying for minimal injuries.

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