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We love National Novel Writing Month (November).  We love the excitement, the challenge and the opportunity to build up volumes of words, shear  numbers that of course can be worked on (or wrestled with)  later.  April is National Poetry Month, the weather is unsure, April can be the cruelest month.  What about taming it, corralling it and writing about it?  Consider celebrating April and National Poetry Month by writing a poem a day for 30 days.

Just  as with November, what you create does not need to be perfect, consider the exercise as creating the start of thirty poems. 30 different subjects, thirty different ideas.  (I got this great idea of a poem a day for 30 or 40 days from Brad Henderson and Andy Jones who are poets and  teach at Davis).  I find that writing a poem a day, or at least creating the expectation of writing a poem a day encourages me to view the world differently,  look at small moments differently.  Explore differently:  which is the basic premise of poetry.

Give it a try, a poem a day in honor of national poetry month. There are blogs like Poem a Day that you can connect with, or on your own read:
Poem Crazy by Susan Goldsmith Woolridge
Writing the Life Poetic  by Sage Cohen
Read the poets:
Billy Collins
Kay Ryan
Ogden Nash
Shel Silverstein
Emily Dickinson
Jack Kerouac
And me, my poetry collection, Ammonia Sunrise is ready for pre-sale, shipping in August.  Check it out.

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