Writing in the Dark

By CBramkamp Writing Encouragement Comments Off on Writing in the Dark

I’m working on my fifth book: Trash Out.  I love writing books and I hate creating books.

The book is not so much problematic as it is encompassing, as it is overwhelming, as it is  fantastic and terrifying. The book   swallows me whole.  Creating the book is like diving down to the murky depths of a whirl pool.  Periodically I  escape just long enough to grab a gulp of oxygen and then am sucked back down.

Some days the work is so intense that when I do finish for a moment, it’s as if  I was  spit out by a whale onto an unfamiliar shore.   I  blink and clear the kelp from my  eyes  gaze at my surroundings and wonder  for seven  minutes, where the hell I am.

This makes me cranky; all this sucking down and throwing up, especially when I begin to  become accustom to curling up in the dark belly of the whale. I like  living inside this singular world, even though it’s confining, even though it’s difficult and there is nothing more to eat than krill. Though I am frustrated and cranky inside the dark whale, it’s better than the frustration and crankiness I feel when abandoned again to the cold, bright outside world.

I must learn not to answer the phone when I’m working, no matter  what name is tossed up onto caller ID.

I don’t speak well  when I’ve just emerged from the whale.

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