Do a Bad Job of It

By CBramkamp Writing Encouragement Comments Off on Do a Bad Job of It

I have a note on my desk:   Just do a bad job and get on with it.

But I still I resist doing “it”. Does the idea that everything we create must be perfect nag at us and  prevent us from doing anything at all?

This is something that concerns me.  Have I moved so far past the joy of creating that I now must simply produce? And what I produce better be good, if not perfect?  What creativity needs is a couple of sloppy attempts, a bad job of it.  Then the artist can do it over, better.  Of find the meaning in the sloppy job and move forward from a new place a new consciousness.

What I need to do is  a bad job and then fix it, or do it all over again,  This do over is not punishment, but experiment.  I need to do to learn, most adult learners do.  So what’s holding me back? Why can’t I just do the bad job?  I’m not sure.  What about you?

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