This Advice is too Late for Easter Dinner

By CBramkamp Today it's Personal Comments Off on This Advice is too Late for Easter Dinner

I am having a grandchild, which is a considerably easier process than when I gave birth to her father.

What will my best grandmother stories be?  What will I reminisce about, and more important, what will she want to hear about?  What will she want to know?

What are your favorite stories?  Do you have enough interesting stories to entertain the same dinner crowd night after night, or do you recycle the same triumph or disaster varying the details and exaggerating the results depending on how much wine is served?

What is it about your favorite personal story that is compelling?  Can you write about it?  Should you rush out and experience a new story so you have something new to say at the next dinner.  Or is it easier to find new friends?

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