Renegade Horses

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Last night Mom woke my sister Melody and me up at 2:30. A neighbor had called, and the horses were out. “Our horses are walking around on top of their sewer system,” she said.

“What kind of people get up at night to see if there are horses on their sewer system?” Melody asked. “Do they have an alarm?”

Melody and I pulled on a random assortment of clothes, and stumble outside. The wind was ice, but the moon was shining. Our choice of vehicles was either the jeep, or the water truck. The jeep was sitting by the cattle guard where it had quit earlier. We had to move it out of the way, even if it wouldn’t start.

We hopped in, shivering, and Melody turned the key. Nothing.

We decided to push the jeep over the cattle guard, and out of the way. So we pushed. And pushed. And pushed.

We decided to push the jeep backwards instead. So we pushed. And Melody hopped in to steer, while I pushed. Melody parked the jeep on top of a large bush. I rolled my eyes, and started walking back to the truck. Melody started the jeep. Sigh.

The horses had moved to our Italian neighbor’s hay-field. They are very well acquainted with that hay-field. One night, after a horse had got out again, the Italian woman had become upset. “Why don’t you put up a gate?” she sputtered.

Seriously. You don’t think we tried? The horse went through six gates.

“They are going to get mad if we drive in their field,” Melody said.

“Too bad,” I said. “If they don’t like it, they can chase the horses out themselves.”

“Good idea. We’ll drive in the field.”

Renegade horses are hard on relationships. Especially with neighbors.

The horses knew the routine. They ran back home like they were terrified. They weren’t. They were laughing. But they ran, because that is part of the fun.

We had forgotten to open the gate. I opened it, while Melody went after the horses again. Melody honked, I yelled, and the horses might have actually felt a small thrill of fright. Two of them jumped the cattle guard instead of taking time for the gate. They were probably just showing off.

Melody and I talked and laughed as we went to bed. You don’t need a reason to talk and laugh at 3:00 in the morning. You just do it.

“There’s nothing like exercise in the middle of the night…” Melody said. I thought she was being cheerful, until she finished, “To make you feel like a rag in the morning.” We laughed again, and crawled in bed.

I felt like a rag this morning.

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