Big Art

By CBramkamp creative writing Comments Off on Big Art

I have a romantic image of artists. I picture them in their light filled studios, colorful scraps of raw material scattered about. The artist herself dressed in comfortable worn jeans and a paint splattered apron working happily all day. This is an artist, not the woman fighting with the dog for space on the chaise lounge typing, dreaming, typing again. The image is not dynamic, it’s not romantic. I long to build towering structures or swipe color on a big canvas. And I would, if I possessed any talent in that field at all.
If you could create something other than words on a page. What would it be? Would you build up a huge found object sculpture? A collage? A painting? Glass sculptures? I’m drawn to huge Christo sculptures; wrapping an island, running a fence. What about you? Do you want to create a Macy’s Thanksgiving parade balloon parade balloon in your likeness? Do you want to scratch out a message at Black Rock that can be seen from space? Or would you just like to finish up the baby book, now that the child has graduated from college and all. Write about what you really want to create.
Just like I did.

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