Footwear Defines the Woman

By CBramkamp Today it's Personal Comments Off on Footwear Defines the Woman

April 29th, we  admired and scrutinized both the hat and shoes of every wedding guest.  Since in America, we don’t wear hats, shoes escalate in importance.
Shoes are the woman.

And I’m having a shoe crisis brought about by  serious foot pain.
I was diagnosed plantar fasciitis.  This foot condition is caused by any repetitive action, such as walking, standing, running or activity. The corollary that came to mind is how this condition   flies int the face of the recent study that says sitting for any amount of time will kill us through elevated cholesterol  and increased heart attacks.
So walking isn’t good for my foot and sitting isn’t good for my heart.

The solution, since the cortisone shot in my heel did not work, is to buy orthotics.  A very noble invention, orthotics, possibly  foot saving, very excellent, great idea.  Won’t work.

The challenge with these orthotic insoles is that they are created for “work boots or athletic shoes”.  My doctor, a lovely man my own age, cheerfully pointed to his black Dansko clogs and said “the inserts will work great in these.”  Does he wear skirts with his black clogs and dark socks?  I didn’t think so.

I looked at my closet of summer shoes, the offending inserts in hand.  None of the sandals would accommodate this miracle cure, none of the Keen hiking/water shoes would accommodate these inserts, not a single wedge sandal.   Not even the one pair of  closed toe shoes was large enough to accommodate an extra layer.

I surveyed my summer wardrobe; skirts, shorts, dresses all in pretty bright colors, all fun to wear, cheerful and flattering.
And completely wrong for the required foot wear.  These inserts will fit into the a fore mentioned work boots, those big white tennis shoes with Velcro fasteners , or yes, black closed heeled Dansko clogs – comfy and clunky.  What can be worn with such foot wear?  Dark slacks, jeans, or dark slacks – long enough to cover the offending shoes.
This is not a good summer option.

Standing on my left foot in my closet I considered the options: thousands of dollars invested in a new, hot, unflattering wardrobe?  or another  thousand Advil pills?

Since there no way to win this one, I decided I’d lose wearing a skirt and attractive shoes.

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