My Favorite Beverage

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I love drinking coffee first thing in the morning.  I love a latte or a cappuccino. I love  the hiss of steamed milk, a morning sound . I first heard that distinctive hiss in Florence Italy, where I sipped these exotic coffee offerings and  scribbled in one of the first of many travel notebooks.

Coffee cup

Morning coffee, Zagreb, Croatia

I can’t remember the city, but I do remember the atrium that served for the breakfast room in a lovely old hotel in a lovely old city – the first of many on a brand new trip.
I love starting out.   I like lingering over breakfast and enjoying the early quiet. I love overlooking a new city as the residents wake. I once drank heavy Greek coffee as the sun come over the mountains gradually revealing a    a small white church half way down the side of a steep hill.  I watched the eastern sun  illuminate the Parthenon as I was served indifferent coffee.  I watched the deep shadows over the ruins of Palmyra evaporate under the desert sun.  I admired the view every time I took a trip to the serve-yourself coffee   urn.

I even feel fondly towards the grinding of the truck gears miles  away from my own study. I drink my coffee and listen as the trucks descend down a long hill.  One of my favorite features of  summer is being able to hear all the sounds of traveling: the cars, the train whistles, the airplanes, all can be heard in the distance, rolling away to exotic destinations.
I like waking up, the ritual of a hot beverage (because,in both England and Ireland, it’s all about the tea and I got used to it.).  I don’t even care that much about the food, it’s the doing of the morning, the moment of quiet  and contemplation, that’s what I love.

And to think, I get to wake up every day!

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