Happy Hunting

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 Last fall, my sisters, Melody and Lori, and I hunted on our own. Usually our brothers guide us, but last year we were going to do it ourselves or not at all.

We went out in the afternoon to a spot our brothers recommended. Someone was already there, so we drove to a neighboring ranch. Once there, we weren’t sure what to do, so we just got out and started walking. I felt silly, walking in sight of the road with no deer around. Melody and Lori must have too. When a vehicle drove by, we all dove for cover behind the nearest sagebrush.

Once we got done laughing loud enough to scare away any deer, we kept walking. Melody does not like walking. After fifteen minutes, she started saying stuff like, “We’ve been walking for hours and hours.” And, “There are no deer here. Lets go hunt somewhere else.”

Lori and I were just starting to agree with her, when a group of deer came over the hill. We spotted the buck right away. He was easily nice enough for us. He was also out of range, and moving fast.

Before we could decide what to do, three hunters came over the hill too. We heard a shot, but the buck never flinched. He just vanished over the next ridge with his does. We watched the hunters vanish after them. One, two, three times they shot.

We laughed again and headed back to the truck. Obviously that area was taken too.

We drove a while, and started walking again. The sun set, and it started to get cold. We were tired and hungry. Especially Melody.

There were no deer in sight, so we sat down to eat the last of our jerky. I lay back to look at the quarter moon. “This is the life,” I said. “I love hunting.” We decided that guys are much too dedicated to the sport. Who needs to get a shot at a deer to have fun hunting?

Then I spotted tracks on the ground beside us. There was still some shooting light left, so we started walking again. We really did not think we would see anything.

The tracks led us down through a gully and out to a little road. Once we got to the road, and did not see the deer, we gave up and turned to go to the truck.

Suddenly I whispered, “There they are!” And we all dropped to the ground. Several does were grazing their way behind a hill. Owners of the tracks.

We did know if there was a buck with them, and we were in the open with nowhere to go. We crouched there, barely breathing, until the does went behind the hill. Then we sprinted closer, toward some brush that would offer cover. Lori was in the lead, and before Melody and I reached cover, she dropped and motioned us down.

I’ve never played ‘Red light. Green light.’ with muleys before. It was fun. I think the does saw us, but they were not worried. After another minute or two of suspense, they went back to grazing. Melody and I crept up beside Lori.

“I’m shaking,” she whispered, and held up her hand.

“Are there any bucks?” I asked. “Or are you going to shoot a doe?”

“No bucks, and I can’t decide if I want to shoot.”

Lori and I were both ready to shoot. We kept our cross-hairs on the does and watched them. Several times they gave us perfect, broadside shots.

We did not shoot though. We held out for bucks, since it was only our second hunt of the season. The does had no idea how close to death they were.

Soon it got too dark to shoot, even if we wanted too. We stood up, and watched the does trot away. It had been a good hunt.

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  • Jarvis
    Posted on May 17, 2011 at 5:56 am

    Booo. Hunting is barbaric.

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