Is the French Quarter too Dirty?

By CBramkamp Today it's Personal Comments Off on Is the French Quarter too Dirty?

Before I left for New Orleans, a neighbor cautioned me that the French Quarter is very dirty. Compared to what city, is the question.  So I withheld judgment because dirt is usually in the eye of the beholder and I would make a judgement after I saw the place for myself.  The faint sour smell of vomit of past Tuesdays permeates Bourbon Street.  The store fronts are  worn and magnificent in their decrepitude. The air is damp  adding to the vacation feel and eliminating the need for much clothing, more often than not, good news for men.  Neon signs advertise cocktails to go, three drinks for the price of two, girls by the hour.    Open containers slosh down the sidewalks.
Merchants are at the ready to sell trinkets and pointless shiny objects to the very drunk.

Bourbon street

Line of Rotarians ready to PartyBourbon Street, early evening

Bourbon street is as dirty as the SAE house after rush.  Of course Bourbon Street is dirty and grimy. How can you stay as pristine as a Japanese tea garden if you are operating one of the world’s longest running parties?   Who  wants to shut down  the bar for a minute just to power wash the streets?  Who needs to?
Dirty, yes.  But I found the French quarter and Bourbon Street perfect for the job; grimy, tawdry, sexy, hot, loud: Disneyland for very naughty children.


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