Tricked into Dinner

By CBramkamp creative writing Comments Off on Tricked into Dinner

My husband is very clever, I knew that when I married him, but its gotten worse.  Saturday night he tricked me into cooking a whole meal on my own.
First thing in the morning he suggested I look up what I wanted to serve our friends for dinner,  We usually find the recipes together since my husband is the cook in the family. But today I was to choose what I wanted. So I found a recipe for fresh corn and avocado salad and pulled pork tacos.
Then as usual, I made the grocery list.Instead of accompanying me, he sent me on my way because he was busy sawing a large pallet into bite size chunks and feeding them into our small garbage can.  Very important activity.
I shopped with no apparent injuries and brought home all the parts for what the Sunset Cookbook promised would materialize into a full meal.
The pork recipe called for   slow cooked pork, so that could be shoved into the oven four hours before serving. I could do that.  Much of the corn salad could    be assembled  ahead of time.  So I thought, I’d start up things for him because I usually serve as the Sous Chef and prepare the raw sliced or chopped things necessary for meal assembly.
I boiled the corn and covered the pork shoulder with locally made chipotle sauce.  Since my husband was mowing the lawn, I figured I’d boil and cut the corn. Then while I waited for the corn to cook I assembled the salad dressing and tomatoes and red onion.  I  put the pieces all together and stored them in the refrigerator, then   slid the pork shoulder into the oven.
I spent the rest of the afternoon reading about  the 1918 Influenza epidemic.
When our guests arrived my husband warmed the tortillas and I pulled apart the cooked pork and dished out the salad.
It wasn’t until we sat down that he toasted me with a nice dry rose, and thanked me for the dinner.
I was not aware that dinner had transpired. The meal had materialized while I was looking the other way.  All I did that afternoon was  lurch from one small activity to the next.
And before I knew it, dinner was served.

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