What’s in Your Garage? What Does It Mean?

By CBramkamp creative writing Comments Off on What’s in Your Garage? What Does It Mean?

I am playing in a Rotary golf tournament in August, for a good cause.  But I haven’t touched my clubs since we adopted a puppy a year and a half ago.  When I took up golf  I was working as hard as I could at real estate and my son and his girlfriend were living with us.  Golf was a perfect way to stay out of the house, and away from the office for as long as possible.  I could take calls from short sales coordinators just as easily on the 14th tee as I could in a noisy house or a depressing office.  It was the perfect vent for nervous energy.

Bicycles gather dust in one corner, purchased, and rode when my husband owned a bicycle store.   I liked riding on trails, I don’t like riding on the side of the uneven rocky road passed by huge SUVs driven by distracted drivers talking on their cells.

We have kayaks stored under the house, years ago we  spent a morning kayaking and snorkeling in Maui and took the idea of kayaks home.  We actually work to get the kayaks out and put them into the water.

We placed hooks for the dog’s leash located directly under the bicycle helmets.   The last inventory of my Mary Kay career is stacked neatly into bins to the right of the hiking boots.   We do like to hike, really, but so many trails restrict dogs.
A drill press, a christmas gift to my husband, stands waiting, ready for its first use.
The Bowflex  was set up in far left corner, the promise recently renewed, a symbol of good intentions.

And of course, silver and white boxes crammed with wedding gifts, placed carefully on the top shelves.

What did you once love to do that was thrown over in favor of something entirely new, perhaps unexpected?  What is stored in the garage right now, gathering dust?  What part of your life does it represent?
Until I stepped into the garage and really looked at it, I had no idea how much history is stored there.  What about you?

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