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Today I would like to tell the world, or at least my friends here about Catharine Bramkamp’s Cheap  Retreat Workbook. I received a free copy of this workbook several months ago when I befriended Catharine through this journaling community. I promised myself that this weekend, while my husband and son are away at a rock festival I would have a writer’s retreat in the comfort of my own home. I reread the manual yesterday and made my way through the preparation tasks. I wrote a brochure for my retreat, planned meals for the weekend, put together a schedule and made goals. This morning I kissed my husband and son goodbye and whizzed through the housework ready to start after breakfast. My retreat lasts three days. My major goal is to complete 3,000 words of my novel. It’s lunch time of day one and already I’ve completed 900 words. It’s a first draft and I know it’ll need some improvements, but overall I’m delighted with it. As well as that I’ve walked the dog, thinking about my novel as I did so, written some morning pages and some notes as to what research I need to do regarding the novel. This includes watching video clips and looking at photos from my trip to help me describe the market which is the scene for the chapter I’m working on.
As an added bonus, I’ve scheduled in Sunday lunch at my favourite farmhouse cafe and I’ve bought some lovely new bedding and curtains, so although I’m sleeping in my own bed, it’ll feel like I’m in luxury hotel. Catharine, thank you for sharing your wonderful concept.

Thank you Dorothy!

Dorothy is a published writer of educational materials and short stories for children. She works in a club in the evenings, teach creative writing and family learning on a part-time basis and is studying for an MA in writing for children.
Check out here work at www.storyadore.blogspot.com

The Journaling program was invented by the talented Beth Barany,   We Write Books

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