What kind of writer are you? Good, Bad or Ugly?

By CBramkamp creative writing, Writing Encouragement Comments Off on What kind of writer are you? Good, Bad or Ugly?

Today, we discuss the Good

The Good Writer  double check e-mails for spelling, punctuation errors, and to
make sure they didn’t inadvertently wish Muhammad Ali a merry Christmas.

The Good Writer looks up words to increase their vocabularies, so like, excellent
and totally are not the only adverbs currently in play.

The Good Writer proofreads that Christmas newsletter and makes sure that as
cute as Ali is, he is not on the mailing list.

The Good Writer is considering writing a novel or better, a non-fiction book that
will enhance their business but knows they need help and feedback from book
groups, classes or coaching.

The Good Writer reads a great deal in the field they are interested in writing about.
This goes for writing a fiction genre novel as well as a non-fiction business

The Good Writer figured out after much trial and error, that they should not write
like they talk.

Don't Write Like You  Talk

The Whole Book on the Subject

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