What kind of writer are you? Good, Bad or Ugly?

By CBramkamp creative writing, Writing Encouragement Comments Off on What kind of writer are you? Good, Bad or Ugly?

Today we discuss the Bad Writer.

The Bad Writer plans to write a novel in their own words, just like they talk – you

know, because their life is SOOO interesting, like, you know the time we went

to that spa and the rocks were too hot and you yelled and like everyone could

hear you? And then Melissa got that manicure and the color was like this

putrid pink/mauve color and then she totally got an infection and that was so

gross, remember we took photos? And we should even name the spa except

I forget the name.

That will be chapter one.

The Bad Writer, fortunately for the rest of us, are a naturally disorganized species and can’t really begin this fabulous and interesting missive because there are so many other important things to take care of, including walking the dog, scrubbing the bath tiles with a toothbrush and manicuring the lawn with nail clippers.  Oh, and they need to marry the right guy, critical for finishing up Chapter 10.

Bad Writers thinks that writing is much like how they talk so their e- mails sent around the work place read like elaborate miss spelled texts missing “A”, “The” and “Thank you.”

Don't Write Like You  Talk

The Whole Book on the Subject

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