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 Wait for it……………………….wait…………………..wait……………………wait, OK maybe not!

 It would be nice if the next time we wanted to write we could just sit down and have a dozen ideas of what to write about, right?  Maybe not in the clairvoyant way you are thinking about but with an open mind you can have many ideas at your finger tips.

 I am more of a non-fiction guy.  I like the idea of learning as I write and the time frame to right short pieces appeals to me since I don’t know what I’ll have going on in six months. So my ideas tend to be more geared toward a magazine article or a blog post.  But what I try to do is cultivate as many ideas as I can think of when my mind is rolling in that direction.

 For the past week I have been traveling through the southern portion of the US taking my daughter to some sports camps while she is on holiday from school and when I travel I love to use that time to generate ideas.  I don’t know if it is the change of pace while on vacation or the many new things you run across but I always try to keep my pocket journal and pen handy while traveling.

 While a brilliant idea can be just a scribble away that great idea can flash right by us like a passing car if we let it. Our job as writers is to keep our coffers full of great ideas and cultivating them is a talent anybody can learn.  It’s also a talent that can truly be your own, because nobody has your particular perspective. For example my ideas tend to be family oriented since I am always traveling with kids, you perspective may be more towards how to go it alone on vacation. 

 Whatever your view use the times in your life when you get out of your day to day routines to take a step back and say “I could write about that”, as a writer it brings more fun to your trips and helps give you that endless source of ideas that you can pull out when you have time to write but the ideas are not flowing.

 Let your mind go back to the moment when the idea came to you and cultivate the creativity within you.

 Some of my ideas I jotted down over the last few days are listed below.  Look at the perspective I am coming from and think about how your view may differ.  Also, notice that the ideas range from vacation tips, to points of interest pieces and I even had a few fiction ideas.

 Happy travels!

 Non-Fiction Ideas:

How to pack light in your new small car

Or How to get your Mini Van into your new Compact Car

Are we There Yet? The American Road Trip

How to find a nice hotel –one was nice one not so nice

Eating healthy while traveling

Your Fall Back Plan – Enjoying your vacation when the weather does not cooperate

The Pirate House

The First Garden in the USA

Five for your Five Year Old – things to do in Savannah with your Kindergartener

Best treatments for sunburn

Home Grown Savannah Writers

The Legend of Black Beard

 Who’s buried in Bonaventure Cemetery?

The Red Neck Riviera

Drunk and Stoned on the Georgia Coast – Not a great family vacation spot

How to save for retirement

Where do you want to live when you retire?

How to eat Cheap While on The Road

How to Eat Cheap and Healthy on the Road

Ghosts of the Pirate House

America’s First Planned City

Fiction Ideas:

The Ghost of Forsyth Park

Little Girl of the Fountain


Yamacaw Bluff

Sothern Hospitality

A Pirates Code

Eastern Seaboard





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