What kind of writer are you? Good, Bad or Ugly?

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Today, we discuss the Ugly

Ugly Writers really do write like they talk, since they really do not believe that
the written word is like, different.
The Ugly Writers creates missives in large font and uses excessive color
all their emails to express emotion.
The Ugly Writer doesn’t know syntax from Sasquatch; but at least they’ve heard of
Sasquatch (mostly because he’s currently starring in a television commercial
that’s about jerky or beer or something … they just know there’s a golf cart
involved). The ugly write sentences that often lack proper nouns or even im-
proper nouns; but since everyone knows what he or she means, who cares?
The worst that can happen is that they look like complete morons. Actually
that’s also the best possible outcome.

Ugly Writers do not read. They wait for the movie. Why bother reading?

The Ugly Writer believes in honesty, realism and spontaneity, not planning, editing
or forethought.

The Ugly Writer  writes up his or her communications and fire them off to whomever (or reply all) without a second thought.

They don’t notice the difference between spelling “there” and “their” — and they demonstrate their ignorance to the entire office (in pink); but this doesn’t even embarrass them  because they never read company emails that closely.

Ugly Writers believe that grammar doesn’t mean much now a days, you just
need a few words and meaning is clear, right? What’s with all the commas and periods?

The Ugly Writer does indeed write his or her life story (it will make a better movie, but
they don’t consider taking a class in script writing) and submit the unedited and un-expunged version directly to long-suffering publishers.  Sometimes with illustrations by the author.

Or BBF of the author.

We like the Ugly Writers, they fuel our blogs.

Don't Write Like You  Talk

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