Do you blog well?

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Blogs have something to say, but not in very elaborate language.  Which should be obvious since you’re reading one with the above critiera right now.

How to write a blog?  Create about four full sentences and post those scintillating sentences about twice a week … at the very least —   more if you are fabulously inspired and on fire. But two times is good enough.

What do I say? You wail in despair barely missing the opportunity to wave your hands and shriek like a girl at a boy band concert (and if you think I’m naming the boy band you are crazy, talk about revealing my age.).

Your opinion about your own field of expertise is best, don’t be hysterical, do be specific. Don’t write: “Can you believe last night? i’m totally embarrassed, LoL, BTW, he was totally cute, you know who you are.”

Because, no, your reader does not know who he is nor who he is. Your goal in a blog is to create a work that a reader will understand, and better, relate to on a more personal level than can be achieved by reading your website.

Better: “Oh my! i attended a great party (totally excellent), and it was at my friend’s Beth’s house and what made it great was a mix of excellent friends and new friends who I had so much in common with! Good food, catered by the Friendly Catering Company (put in a link for them) really enhanced the moment.”

You can continue the blog with helpful suggestions: For a killer party, Mix it up! Match up old friends with future friends and give your party a boost!”

What did you do? You allowed a general reader into the conversation, you discussed the party, gave a link to an excellent business — as a way of thanking them and as a way of increasing your links on your blogs and you delivered, at the end, a reason for the reader to visit in the first place: how to throw a great party.
This is also your twitter post as well as your Facebook post.

Blogs should give information, good information, and if possible, not just be self serving.

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