Goblin Market Part I

By CBramkamp creative writing, Poetry Comments Off on Goblin Market Part I

Some took pictures with damaged phones

buildings flayed alive

collapsing away from the center

A pattern of worn dominoes hit by an angry child

who couldn’t get the last ones to stop falling

taking all the others down


You had to be quick of course, to see the photos

the cities that became just place names overnight

A rescued laptop hooked to a generator with a minute and a half of charge left

one minute on a rogue site

thirty seconds before the corporation shut it down.


It’s not true that we all died.


She met him right after.

Her parents stayed dead in the back of the dank theater

she was too slow when the carts came by

Bring out your dead.

Tired of rat

she dressed in leg warmers and a top hat

picked her way to the Last Cafe In The City


Call me Sam

he huddled over a beer

smoked his last.

Alone? Worried about the Goblins?


It was always so dark in the alley behind the theater where her mother worked.

It was difficult to imagine how that hard light

penetrated so deep between the V of black vertiginous buildings

the flash of white puncturing the small TV


the children stopped chanting

Eat your Rat

It’s Low in Fat

the terror gangs stopped shooting

didn’t want to do the other side any favors.

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