Goblin Market Part III

By CBramkamp creative writing, Poetry Comments Off on Goblin Market Part III

Blast Away Fat

Her mother read the article out loud every night.

Her mother’s arms

were held together in the middle

by a knob of bone.

The camera adds ten pounds; she tapped at the cover of Glamour

The girl wondered if mother would look better

if she held a camera up between them.


Burnt out days.  Sam muttered.

the poets are always right.

It just takes time.


The Corporation, you’ll be relieved to hear

is operating again, up and running, ready to take care

of your needs at some point. In the mean time.

Don’t Go SOUTH


Stay. We will REbUILD

not as catchy as

Eat your rat

It has no fat

Perhaps that was the trouble.


No, not all dead.

They could see the arrays ahead

Sucking in just enough unstable sun

to power a small lap top

an oven.

The Last Café

We have beer and bread

Sam smacked down cigarettes instead.

The girl – was not for trade.


Jerry was a poet and a thief

He wanted the girl, but accepted a pack

of cigarettes

It may cause death, she pointed out the label on the pack


Oh sweetheart.  He blew smoke from his nose.

Everything causes death, even staying alive.

I saw them, Jerry said in exchange.

All headed south to Orlando

Pushing and Pulling suitcases, grocery carts

Costco flat carts, packed trucks the whole family

Pushing that stuff along.

whole morning to drag that much stuff

just a few yards forward.

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