Goblin Market Part IV

By CBramkamp creative writing, Poetry Comments Off on Goblin Market Part IV

Like the markets before

the Goblins controlled the trains

They worked the coal mines so long – the fuel

belonged to the Goblins

Sam smirked. We didn’t consider that.


YOU can lose unwanted POUNDS in just weeks.

They were right

losing weight was easy

she could count all her ribs.

I would love an airplane he said.

To fly, that would be like being a god.

There are no gods.  She pointed out.

Not anymore.  Sam kicked the rocks on the asphalt road.

But we need them, the gods, she continued.

Then make some up, he was tired of talking

Girls talked more than boys; he forgot that.

Okay, she said calmly, I will.


Some travelers were not thieves, but just wanted to share.

Sam still didn’t know which he preferred.

A handful of cigarettes adverted violence and bought silence

The girl took the stories – a traveling stenographer

In the Saloon at the End of the Line

a woman shared her huge apple

I had my arms up again,

her arms were deep red and scarred, her face spared.

He lit up right in front of me –  a Roman Candle, remember those?

I hardly know what to do with myself now.

From the dark safe bunkers in the East, the corporation

issued questions from survey monkey:

1)  how do you like us so far?

2)  how’s the fall out?

3)  do you feel more/less secure on a scale of one to ten

Ten being very secure.

A hacker from Montana sent in the results:

(1) Not secure

At all.

The site disappeared

Many forgot to vote


They came across the dead of course

Some random, caught in the blast, caught in the fall out, caught out.

Some lay in circular patterns, feet to feet, in a ragged cart wheel

Dead before the blast.


It was God, one guardian of such dead intoned

Your God killed them?  The girl asked.

No, no, he impatiently waved his hand munching on a meat sandwich

No. They are with God

How do you know?

I sent them there.

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