Goblin Market Part VII

By CBramkamp creative writing, Poetry Comments Off on Goblin Market Part VII

Boys wilding in the center of the country, taking on

anything that moved – Goblins; they made the best story

Already the enemy. The terror gangs attacked.

They titled it the great train robbery

The Drummer posted the video on creaky You Tube

It never made money

so the Corporation never bothered to take it down.


The Mother God,

The girl explained to the men in the long light of spring

has to stay with us, must care for us

which is why she is the mother.

which is why she must be a god.


Her logic, impeccable; the beer, helpful

The desperate men nodded and gave them both


If you are abandoned. The girl continued

the Mother God will protect you.

Like a foster mom.  One man said.

Yes, she agreed, not knowing what that meant

It didn’t matter; she and Sam were safe for another night.


By reasonable deduction

The rest of the gods were angry gods

I will find out why.  She said.

Sam helped her down the muddy banks of the Missouri river

She scrambled and tried to imagine enough water

to wake and drown

Yes, find out

the names of the gods, ask around.

A trained roared overhead.

Cries of the Goblins mocked them from above.


He always tried to stuff her backpack with food

Cans of chips, ding dongs the stuff that survived in the Chevron stop

the notebooks took up too much room.

Leave them?

No, I will carry the stories, leave the cans.

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