Goblin Market Part IX

By CBramkamp creative writing, Poetry Comments Off on Goblin Market Part IX

Ketchup bottles red as the setting sun

Absorbing all the light

the old waitress served them ketchup and road kill

specialty of the house

The Last Café on Earth


I was in the meat freezer

I hate it in there.

So of course I was trapped for like

97 hours

All that cold meat

Her nametag read Fran

which was not her real name – just the last name left


She fingered her tight neck

The pink scars growing up over her sharp chin.

Tell me again about the Mother God.


Careless children, the same children

Who cracked Pandora’s box

Unlocked blue beard’s last room

Inspired the flood

The angry god hunted and destroyed


But the Mother God patiently

gathered body parts flung across the Nile or

the whole universe

and reassembled those back into a better man

missing only an eye, back of a heel, sometimes a hand

she watches over us

The girl concluded.


The waitress sighed

Sam rolled his eyes

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