Goblin Market Part X

By CBramkamp creative writing, Poetry Comments Off on Goblin Market Part X

They grew bolder as the leaders lost

brothers, hands, teeth, brothers

no job was too awful, that was the legend right?

They quizzed the Drummer

Weren’t they the stuff of old legends?

Billy the Kid, Dillinger, the Okay Corral.

He didn’t have the heart or the balls

to explain the sacrifices legends require.


It was easier to find notebooks and pens

In the abandoned Union Station stores – than cans

Here, he tossed her a fruit pie

and Dr. Pepper because that was all that was left

eat this, you will live forever.

She clutched a new notebook to her chest.

Yes, she could live forever.


The wind turbine over the Last Stop Saloon

thrummed in the sky

Come, charge for free, called the owner

although there is little to say.


She offered a cupcake

Too fat, the girl automatically announced, recognizing the object

As a no in the magazines


Ah, the woman bit into the cupcake.

with relish.

Just so you know,

here.  Along the edges of the world

we all eat dessert first.

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