Are you Writing in The Perfect Notebook?

By CBramkamp creative writing, Writing Encouragement Comments Off on Are you Writing in The Perfect Notebook?

If you don’t already use your perfect notebook, time to find it.
I was struggling with an old calendar system that was tremendous for managing paper, notes and written information.   I  acquired it when I was embroiled in a different job, the leather cover matched the new smart leather briefcase. I was organized, I was fashionable and at the time (three years ago) it worked beautifully.
Yesterday it wasn’t working for me at all.  There is no reason why this calendar doesn’t work.  After all, it’s just page after page of   small squares and a gathering of lines all interspersed with numbers. Why  would there be  difference?  Why would I even consider that there is some superior calendar?  And why was I convinced it mattered?  It mattered.
So I considered what I really wanted and needed.  I sketched out my ideal calendar in the pages of my already idea notebook.  As soon as I did, I found that   exact calendar, the exact, perfect combination of numbers, boxes and lines the very next day.  I ordered it immediately.  If I could order five years worth of calendars ahead of time, I would.  But in the calendar business, only the following year is available for purchase.
I am now happy, especially when the on line systems freeze, clutch and mysteriously lose appointments or triple them, the written record is my back up and still, I admit, reflective of how I think.
It is quite legitimate to be stymied in your writing by the system itself.  If you are completely blocked and can’t write a word, consider what you are using to write. Is your notebook too fancy?  Is the computer too impersonal?  Is the black school notebook too slow?  Sketch  out the perfect notebook.  Lines? No lines?  color?  spiral bound? Cheap?  Once you’ve figured it out (and I have a blog on the perfect notebook if you need some inspiration) click around the internet or browse around the back to school displays at Target or Office Depot.  It will appear – the perfect note book.

And unlike calendars, you can buy more than one.

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