Tiny Shreds of Time

By CBramkamp creative writing, Writing Encouragement Comments Off on Tiny Shreds of Time

One day my yahoo was particularly show, really slow, maddeningly slow. Probably took at least a couple of seconds to switch from notice to notice.  Impatient, I switched back and forth between my mail screen and my journal and made notes while I waited  for what I always assume to be important information to manifest.  , I felt as if I’d been rudely pushed back to the 90’s when you turned on your computer and then walked to the kitchen, poured a cup of coffee, used the restroom, and returned to find the computer only half way through booting up.
But I did discover something. I created comments and good expandable thoughts in the frustrating moments waiting for the damn email to load.
Moments measured in seconds. A good idea fleshed out in under a minute.  How great is that?  Maybe we give ourselves too much time to write: big chunks of the day, hour after empty hour and the results are small, sometimes too small to grow into much of anything.
Consider working in short amounts of time. Experiment with the pressure to   complete a thought during that stop light, or in the waiting room.  The deadline is short enough not to cause too much stress, but just enough stress to jump start an idea or squeeze it from your brain.
Give it a try, and don’t mock me for using Yahoo, it’s slow and cumbersome but years of correspondence are lodged in it’s imperfect memory system.

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