Diary of a Newbie Novelist

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When it comes to traditional publishers, which way should we jump as Newbie’s? Major, minor, new or old?

To submit to a major publishing house these days, generally you need to secure an Agent. In my limited experience, it’s difficult to find an Agent these days, especially one who’ll read unsolicited manuscripts from new writers. However, if this is your choice, here are a couple to try:-



So, if we can’t attract the attention of an Agent, what next? We try the independent publishing houses. Again, experience has taught me that many of these, certainly the larger ones, only accept submissions through Agents. However, there are still some that will entertain direct submissions and from new writers.

Before I submitted my script I researched the independents heavily and picked out a dozen. (You can find a comprehensive list of my findings in the Forum under ‘Writing Goals’ – ‘Goals to Being Published’.) Out of those twelve, I received three standard rejections, five didn’t respond, four expressed an interest, two offered me a contract. I’m not being self indulgent here, it’s important to look at those who did respond because it shows they took the time to read a newbie’s script. And this is the interesting part: all bar one were relatively new, small, Indie publishing houses.

Maybe there is something in this? The majors and big independents are receiving hundreds of submissions per week. But the new Indies are just starting off, looking for fresh talent to fill their books. I wanted to share this with you all because, when submitting, this is definitely worth considering. If you can root out those new, small publishing houses – they are more likely to read your script and, if they sign you, if my experience is anything to go by, work with you through to the publishing stage.

Try these for starters:-



They may just be the path to your success…


Jane Isaac is very much a Newbie, she doesn’t even have a website yet (one day…) and with a day job, a family and a very demanding black Labrador, she squeezes her writing into every spare moment she gets. Join her on the rocky road from pen to publication – hopefully!


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