Is it in me?

By Damien Learn the Craft Comments Off on Is it in me?

So I’m sitting here at a bakery with a cup of tea and the sun shining. It however makes me feel no better now I’m into my second week with a chest infection which in turn threw my back out. I’ve just come back from the chiropractor so some relief there.

It’s one of those things, I’m 28, fit without a scrap of fat on me. Yet, I’m prone to colds and I’ll tell you why. I work as an Audio Visual Technician. I have for ten years. This means most of my days are in roofs, under floors, lugging heavy screens and various a/v equipment. Most techs install for 3 or 4 years before they either move up or get a lacky. Clearly I have neither. I sit here sipping my tea knowing that I’ve recently set myself up as a company and hopefully can do away with the physical labour. However…

I started to think about things in general. I’m really happy with being a part of Newbie Writers. Yes I’d like more interactivity from the community but I hope that will come in time. I sit here and think ‘is it wrong of me to run a site and be part of a community when I’m not exactly a writer?’

Maybe that sets us aside from other sites I’m not sure. This brings me to the title of this post. A question I’m sure many have asked before: ‘Do I have it in me to write a book’ which then leads to a myriad of other questions.

A little part of me likes the idea of being able to sit with a cup of tea in the sun and plan the next book. A complete unreality but a nice thought nonetheless.

Like me I’m sure many also think the same and talk yourself out of it. I’m a busy person. I really want to participate in nanowrimo but I cannot physically fit time to type everyday. But I also like the challenge. I’d like to see a book with my name on it, even if noone else has it.

Well time for appointment. Thanks for reading my drivel.


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