How to write a Novel over the Weekend

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In honor of NaNoWriMo, I offer this poem.  The word count for NaNoWriMo is 50,000.


How to Write a Novel over the Weekend


“On average a novel needs to be 70,000 words.”


Do all 70,000 need to be good words

or can we throw in some angry ones,

a few disobedient ones

to fill out the final pages,

the last moments of the novel.


Who dictates how many words an adventure,

a romance

a play

should possess to be



Are we following some ancient rhythm

something chipped in stone?


Who declared first –

the king needs to be entertained

for exactly an hour and a half.

90 minutes.

the precise time it take to digest the mutton.

Then you, my minstrel friend

are finished.

Do not run over the allotted time – the king is easily bored

and will cut off a necessary body part

for  every extra ten minutes

Now that was incentive


Today it’s not the king

it’s the Man

and he says,

in New York the entertainment

has to be 90 minutes

70,000 words

anything more, a couple of stanzas

will result in overage

and you have to gnaw off necessary body parts

Do you want to publish or not?


For this manuscript we need

30 more pages

So should all the extra words be angry

hungry, or about a king?


From Ammonia Sunrise, available on Amazon.


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