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Hey we have a permalink to the competition on the sidebar to the right. Can find it here:

Here is the spiel:

‘Newbie Writers and Rainstorm Press have teamed up to offer the ultimate newbie experience!

We want to read about your worst nightmare! With Halloween still lingering creepily behind us, what a great chance to come up with a short scary story?! Take a dream you’ve had and turn it into a fictional horror story. One way to describe this contest is the idea that any experience can be turned into a story, so in this case, your worst nightmare can become your best story.  Send it to us! Catharine and Damien from the podcast will be the judges!

The best ten entries will be published in a collection by Rainstorm Press, with a copy going to each winning entrant. Current working title is “Newbie Nightmares.”

Out of the ten stories chosen, the top pick will not only be published in the collection but the author will receive the opportunity to submit a full length piece to have a novel published by Rainstorm Press. Final publication and publishing agreement will be at the discretion of Rainstorm Press.

This competition will run from the 10th of November 2011 to 10th of December 2011 with winners notified by email and posted up on

Entries need to be between 3,000 and 10,000 words and submitted in standard word document format. Please ensure the story is in the body of the email and not a file attachment. File attachments will be disregarded. Also ensure your name, the title of the story and the competition name are in the title and body of your email. This allows for better tracking of submissions for us.

Entrants must be previously unpublished (articles in magazines are okay) as we want to appeal to all those new writers out there. This could be your chance to have something published!

All submissions need to be mailed to’

Terms and Conditions:

1. All entrants must be 18 years and over unless written consent is provided with submission from parent/guardian.
2. All works submitted will remain the ownership of the author and not Newbie Writers or Rainstorm Press. However, the ten (10) winners of the competition that will have their works collaborated and printed in the Anthology then become exclusive first time world rights for a year from publication date to Rainstorm Press. After that the rights move to non-exclusive rights. This will form part of an agreement contract issued to you upon being selected as one of the ten (10) by Rainstorm Press.
3. By submitting your work to this competition you are agreeing that the works are yours and original. Any copyright infringement will be solely the authors responsibility.
4. This competition contains no actual prize money, the prize(s) are in the form of a published works with each winning entrant receiving their own copy.
5. By submitting work to this competition, you agree that Newbie Writers and Rainstorm Press can use the submissions on their website to further promote not only future competitions but you as an author. If you do not wish for this work to be displayed on either site, then notify us via
6. Each winning entry (10 total) will receive a contract from Rainstorm Press that will require your signature as a statement of agreement and to allow your works to be officially published.


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