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It’s November –  NaNoWriMo season.  To help you, this is the month of writing ideas for your characters as you work to create your 50,000 future best selling tome.

Andrew:  What are you doing?
Me: My beauty regime.
Andrew:  Take your time!

Does your character have a beauty or morning ritual?  An evening ritual that is not to be missed or messed it? Or does she fall asleep in her makeup?  How many jars and tubes does she own?  What is  is arranged on the bathroom counter?  Does she spend half her paycheck on jars and liquids averaging $500 a jar?  Are there unique ingredients? (caviar, dead sea salt – great stuff by the way – donkey testicals (Mama Mia).  or does she just look like she spends a fortune?
Does your character cut her own hair with a manicure scissors?  (A is for Alibi)  or does she have a standing appointment at a trendy salon?   What does she learn when she visits her hairdresser? Consider how well the beauty salon worked as the setting for  Steel Magnolias.
What we spend on ourselves reveals a great deal about our vanity and our values.  Do we spend it all at Macy’s?  Or do we get out stuff from our cousin who is a Mary Kay consultant and working to become a director and we want to help?
Do we buy products that sound good but we never  use?  Do we just wash our face with a Dove bar that came in a Costco twelve pack ?
Don’t forget men.  Does the male character use too much cologne?  Is he vainer  than the heroine?  Or is he a regular guy who just brushes his hair first thing in the morning and that’s good?
Me?  I use every age fighting product produced by Mary Kay Inc.
As my husband suggested,  I take my time.

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