The Venti double mocha, extra vanilla, no whip.

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It’s November –  NaNoWriMo season.  To help you out, I created a number of writing ideas to help you with your NaNoWriMo Project.  Good luck creating your 50,000 words!

My character Allison Little is very specific about her needs for coffee, she orders a  Venti hazelnut double  latte with whipped cream, In later books she orders the same with non fat milk  because  she wants to pay some sort of lip service  to better eating in light of her new relationship with Ben Stone, Rock Solid Service.

What does your character drink in the morning?  Herb tea?  Double espresso?  One of my favorite fictional characters owns an expensive espresso machine and fires it up every morning.  Another character owns the top of the line machine but never uses it.
Does your character pull into Starbucks like mine?  Or does he or she eschew Starbucks in favor of Peets?  Or the fiercely independent coffee shop featuring  organic, shade grown, bird friendly, women’s co-op picked coffee?
Does the villain  they leave their SUV idling in the handicapped space while they dash in for the double Venti mocha?
What if your character can’t get their morning beverage?  Do they make due?  Do they do what my mother once had to do and drive all over Salt Lake City in 1970 searching for coffee, any coffee?  Our search for our favorite sanctioned addiction can lead to many different plot points.  What if the killer is caught at Starbucks because he or she had to have their fix?
Do you drive through or walk in?  Just the little movements can help say a great deal about character.
I drink my grand lattes with skim milk.  Allison isn’t sure she likes her new drink compromise.  She may switch back to whole milk.

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