We are our cars- NaNo help

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It’s November –  NaNoWriMo season.  To help you out, I created a number of writing ideas to help you with your NaNoWriMo Project.  Good luck creating your 50,000 words!

Americans are our cars.  What does your character drive?  Have you considered the possibilities and indicators revealed in just what we drive?
Consider all the important vehicles in film  from James Bond to Transformers.  Who we are is reflected in the kind of vehicle we choose to drive, and considering the cost, our cars are not mistakes.
Does your character drive a Prius or a Chevy truck?  Do they need to drive a corvette or a porsche?  Does she lease a BMW?  Are we impressed or just sad?
To help you get in the groove if you’ve never considered this, pay attention to your thoughts while driving on the freeway and if you live in California, you are spending a great deal of your time on the freeway, don’t lie to me.
First, what do you drive?  Why?
My husband suggested that instead of my next car being a Lexus knocked off,  a sedan or four wheel drive SUV, why not a Jeep?  Why not something that spoke of adventure and fun?  What does the jeep say about me then?  That I’m cool and unconventional?  Sign me up!
Conversely, my husband owns a red  sports car, MX-5 .  He traded in the mini-van for the sports car about two days after our boys graduated from high school.  What does that say?  Exactly.  Life is short, the kids left the building, now it’s just the two of us.  It is the perfect car for this stage of our lives. It is cheaper than an affair and subsequent divorce.
Second, what do you immediately assume about the drivers on the road?  Who is sitting in that   Volvo?  Who is driving the mini-van with the VCR screen?  Who is driving the U-Haul and the RV? We unconsciously  make these assumptions all the time, use them to your advantage to create a quick and surprisingly complete character sketch.
For instance, a few minutes after I met my future husband, we wanted to drive into town for a date. When we approached the car he quickly apologized and explained it was the family car.     He did not want me to think that he was the kind of guy who  drives a Camero on purpose.  For our next date  he picked me up in his roommates’s VW bug.  He felt that was a better indicator of his personality, and I felt it spoke to his comfort as a male; he didn’t need a car, he was good all by himself.
Consider the car, let it drive your scene.

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