Episode 10- Newbie Writers Podcast- Promotion!

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Episode 10- Newbie Writers Podcast- Promotion! ‘If you write it, they will come?’



We have social media, which we discussed but how can you promote your work, or even just promote yourself and still stay comfortable in your own skin?
If you’ve paid attention, some attention to social media, featured in pod cast  Episode 6, you know that you need to build up friends and readers to help promote you and/or your books.
So what is the next step?

Go where the interest is.
Promotion is far more specific than just mailing or email press releases. And as much as my publicist friends swear by their elaborate Press Release packages, I’m not so sure that’s as effective as better placed, specifically placed promotion or notices.

Where are your readers?  Go there and post information or a conversation about your book or yourself.
Examples:  if your book features fishing, then promote to fishing groups, fishing outlets, fishing web sites.
Is your book about haunted houses?
Is it about new worlds?
Is it about real estate divas?
Figure out who your readers are, and then target those readers.

A strong piece of promotion is your bio.
Your bio, make it interesting and personal
In other words don’t list what you do, talk about why you do it.

Focus on how you are unique and what the message of your book is.

Prompting- Episode prompt.


When I travel, one of the activities I enjoy is touring castles, homes, museums and the like.
After one too many sincere tours however, I start itching to make up my own stories about the history of the castle, who fought there, who slept there, and what exactly do the images in the coat of arms mean.
What kind of stories do you think of when you tour a stately home?  Or even a stranger’s home?
What stories come to mind when you see a castle?

Bring Out Your Dead-

Listener submission/our own personal early piece of writing dredged up from the dust pile.

Catharine Bramkamp.
Miss Behaved guide to getting old:
The first is to die young. Say at 75 or so.
The second option is to live. If you are like some of us, one look at the C shape of many women in their 90s should send you screaming to the gym right now. So as counter intuitive as it may seem, if you think you’re going to live that long, you may want to take better care of yourself. Why? Because spending five to ten years sitting in a wheel chair in the hallway of a rest home is very, very boring.
Schedule the acquisition of bad habits. Start eating fatty food at 78. At 84 take up smoking. 89 pick an attractive illegal substance the effects of which you’ve always wanted to experience. At 97 stand on unstable chairs while changing the ceiling fixture light bulbs.
Insist on wearing your mink coat during a trip to San Francisco. It’s cold there in June.
Eat dessert after every meal, okay, you can start that one right now. We know a lovely Miss Behaved woman who, at 80, had diabetes. So she ate the right food and took very good care of herself, while being watched. When she escaped to have lunch at the Club, she ordered two margaritas and dessert with a small salad wedged between. She lived far longer than her children would have liked.

Word of the week


In itself, wanion means “in the waning of the moon”. It’s from the Old English verb wanian, to lessen, from which we get wane. You may feel wanion is too mild and agreeable a word to be attached to a curse, but in bygone centuries the waning of the moon was thought to be an unlucky time. Various fixed expressions took on the word and the idea, such as with a (wild) wanion (with a plague or with a vengeance), a wanion on (a curse on) and fetch one a wanion (bring one a misfortune).

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