Are we our pets? NaNo Help

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It’s November –  NaNoWriMo season.  To help you out, I created a number of writing ideas to help you with your NaNoWriMo Project.  You are almost there!  If you need more words, write about pets!

I just read a mystery in which the heroine owns a bedraggled stray cat.  The cat is not pretty, but she’s fond of it and indulges it with dishes of ice cream. The heroine of the Real Estate Diva Mystery series owns neither cat nor dog, nor plants, not even a gold fish.  She is away from home too much and works too hard, she has no energy for anyone but herself.
Her best friend in contrast, volunteers at Forgotten Felines and rescues kittens.
What kind of pets does your character own?  What kind of plants?  in Little Shop of Horror Seymour owns a very large plant.  In Victorian novels a character may collect beautiful butterflies, kill them, and mount them for display.  Come on, how easy is that as a quick description of a man?
Does your character prefer pedigree animals? or rescue dogs?  Does the villain  collect exotic plants? Does the heroine’s  well-meaning mother constantly bring her plants which she subsequently kills?
Is the house filled with exotic flowers or is there a jelly glass with daisies in the center of the plain wood table?
Do we ever trust the character who  abuses the horses and kicks the dog?  Did a secondary character forget to feed the fish and another one is  floating on top of the aquarium?  Does your character   nurture exotic snakes?  Do they rescue snakes that shouldn’t be in the indigenous  environment?  Do they even care?
What does your pet say about you or about your character?  And you can go even further and create the ever popular comparison where the owner and pet look alike?

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