Episode 12- Romance!

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Newbie writers podcast-Episode 12 Romance

Introduce our guest, Sharon Hamilton author of Heavenly Love that has five star reviews – available on Amazon

Sharon, you once said  you liked romance because the girl always wins.  Can you tell us more about that feature of Romances?

I always thought that Romance, like any genre is something you must live and breath and love before trying to write it, do you agree?

Who are authors to watch and who are authors for a newbie romance writer to read?

What are some of the romance trends?

What are some of the best ways to get your romance seen?

Do Romance writers need agents or are there publishers who will take a look at their work?

Tell us about your books

What is your process for writing?

What do you recommend for newbie romance writers – words of wisdom!

Writing Prompt:

This was inspired by Sharon –  imagine a vampire working as an ER doctor.  Create someone who is not Edward from Twilight.

Word of the day:


Frills and flashy finery; a fuss about nothing.

Foofaraw is common enough in North America, though it has never become widely known elsewhere. The earliest senses were of something vain, fussy, tawdry or gaudy — baubles, bangles or beads. In time, the sense shifted to mean frivolous accoutrements or trappings,

Bring out your dead:

Since raising the heart rate for a sustained period of time, and no, we are not going to repeat that tedious formula that involves height , age and resting heart rate multiplied by the circumference of the earth and squared by the relative gravity of the planet. I just know the heart is suppose to beat at a healthy, life sustaining clip. Another word is Adrenaline rush.
For a parent at home, this is neither difficult to achieve, or sustain.
A dear friend once reported on her very successful exercise program that involved a lifecycle, a three year old and a baby. One afternoon she was able to maintain and sustain heart rate of 140 for over two hours. And she shares here how she was able to manage it.
Put children in front of Disney movie, hand them crackers.
Ride bike for five minutes
During the sixth minute strain to hear what’s going on in the family room as there are no sounds. Not even requests for more crackers.
Disembark the bike and check on the children.
Discover that the three year old, has decided to pull out just the multi-colored rainbow charms in the Luck y Charm cereal. He has achieved this by dumping the contents of the cereal box onto the middle of the living room floor.
The dog is very happy.
The mother’s ideal aerobic heart rate was completely achieved and sustained.
An additional 2,908 calories were expended during the discussion with the three year old as to why we eat all the cereal not just the charms and we don’t picked them out for later and piled them onto the just re-covered surface of Beidermeir chair. Muscle toning was achieved through violent vacuuming action all over the living room and all over the three year old. More muscle toning was achieved by lifting and carrying at arm’s length, the wiggling charmed baby up the stairs to the bathroom without smearing blue diamonds, green clovers, red moons up the stair well.
So she recommends the stationery bicycle to anyone who wants a full work out at home.

Where to find us:

Sharon: http://www.sharonhamiltonauthor.com
Damien: http://www.newbiewriters.com @newbiewriters
Catharine: http://www.yourbookstartshere.com @cbramkamp

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